HearPlanet is your “Audio Guide to the World,” perfect when you're on the go and want to hear about the places around you.

Driving, touring, or just taking a break, find out about all the places around –- without stopping to read.

HearPlanet provides a virtual reality audio layer across the entire globe, giving you all the Points-of-View on all the Points-of-Interest. We partner with publishers, organizations and everyone with something to say about places -- and now you can add your voice to HearPlanet too. Just click here to sign up and begin!

If you would like to promote a your own channel on HearPlanet, and even have a custom mobile application; or maybe you're a developer who would like to include our content in your app, contact us here.

What the experts say:

Like having a tour guide in your pocket ...
- National Geographic Adventure

The best kind of travel guide – one that requires no reading …
- United Airlines

Treats the entire world like a self-guided museum tour.
- MANHATTAN Magazine

Get the scoop on landmarks, historic sites and more – in countless cities worldwide – without taking your eyes off the sights.
- Apple National Ad Campaign

Now anyone with something to say about places can add their voice to HearPlanet.

(Publishers and businesses, please check our 'Content Partner' tab.)

Begin by clicking here to create an account or login.

When you're ready to add your voice and perspective, choose "Add a New Place" from your account page. You can add text, audio, images and more, in whatever languages you'd like. Once published, information is available to HearPlanet users all over the world!

View our instructions for adding content to HearPlanet.

Audio can be produced using whatever tools you like and we accept most audio file formats. If you are looking for recording software we recommend Audacity, a great free cross-platform (Mac, PC, Linux) audio recording and editing program. See our instructions for installing and using Audacity.

We look forward to seeing (and hearing) all the places you have to share!

HearPlanet has opened its platform to businesses and individuals with something to say about places.

With the HearNow™ platform, we now provide an easy way for you to reach a truly expansive audience. Each listing can contain action buttons for users to 'Call Now', 'Email', visit your 'Website', even download your app. You can even offer special promotions via coupons.

Partners can simply add locations and venues using this site, or use our API or XML ingestion schema for larger scale content integration.

To get started, just create an account by clicking the 'Join Us' link at the top of the page, or Click Here.

Once logged in, click "Add a New Place" from your account page. Your information will become available to over 600,000 registered iPhone and Android users (with additional users and distribution partners signing on all the time). Audio for each listing is preferred, and if you can't provide a recording our professional voice artists are happy to help (or just use our text-to-speech system).

View our instructions for adding content to HearPlanet.

For partners with significant content we'll create a unique channel within HearPlanet that you can administer, allowing instant content publishing and content moderation within your organization. A unique channel for your content lets us customize features and layout, and provide fine grained control over distribution.

We also provide additional services to our Content Partners, such as custom branded mobile applications, and widgets that bring the HearPlanet experience to your web pages. Just Contact Us if you are interested in any additional services.

We make it easy for developers and distribution partners to deliver engaging audio, and other location based content, to their audiences.

We encourage partners to mash-up and redistribute HearPlanet content in new and interesting ways using our HearNow™ platform. Much of our content can be accessed for free and we're excited to see the implementations our partners come up with.

We also welcome developers and publishers to host their content on the HearNow™ platform, allowing them to take advantage of our powerful delivery tools for their applications. We can also extend the reach of their content, offering new audiences, distribution channels, and even new revenue opportunities.

If you'd like to add our content to your site or application, or discuss other partnership opportunities, just contact us for more information.