Pinecrest Diner - San Francisco, CA


If you happen to venture over to the open-all-night Pinecrest Diner, DON'T for goodness sake ask for poached eggs! While the Diner is popular for its good old-fashioned food and its great hours, it is also locally infamous for an incident in 1997, when the chef shot and killed the waitress after an argument over - you guessed it - poached eggs. Apparently, a beautiful woman came in and ordered the dish, though it wasn't on the menu. The chef agreed to make them for her, and the waitress lost her temper at him, yelling at him in front of customers and ordering him not to make the eggs that way. Hashem Zayed, the chef, spent that whole night on a gambling binge where he lost thousands of dollars, and came in to work the next day with a semiautomatic shotgun. He told everyone he was going to kill Helen Menicou, the waitress, a woman he had worked with for twenty years, and he did. Customers and the local community were horrified that such a trivial matter could lead to this, and 500 people attended her funeral. Even the California State Assembly shut down for the day in her honor. Zayed died three years later from a brain tumor. They never found out who the mysterious woman was, and poached eggs remain off the menu. As for what you are allowed to order, think good ol' American food. This place is a classic 50s diner, complete with pies, shakes, burgers, and breakfast at any hour. So if you find yourself downtown at some crazy hour after clubbing, or have a hankering for waffles at 5pm, go on down to Geary where Union Square runs into the Tenderloin, and get yourself some good old-fashioned food. Would you like fries with that?

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