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New York Times Features HearPlanet in “From Their Mouth to Your Ears”
The New York Times, April 19th, 2013 - By Stephanie Rosenbloom [Full Article]

HearPlanet is featured in The New York Times piece, From Their Mouth to Your Ears. In it, the Times writes, "[HearPlanet] is not a traditional audio walking tour. Rather, it uses your phone’s GPS system to identify nearby landmarks; then the app tells you all about them — just as a flesh-and-blood guide would."

HearPlanet in The Educated Traveler’s “Handy Travel Apps”
The Educated Traveler Blog, Posted April 17, 2013 - By Julia. [Full Post]

HearPlanet is called out as one of ten "WorldStrides International Discovery staffer-approved travel apps." What do they say about HearPlanet? "Use this pocket audio guide to learn about the buildings, parks, and attractions as you pass by. The app uses GPS to track where you are and give you on-the-spot information. No more hefty guide books!"

Travel Weekly Features HearPlanet in “An App-etite for Travel”
Travel Weekly, March 15th, 2013 - By Caroline Adam [Full Article]

In "An App-etite for Travel" Travel Weekly describes HearPlanet as the 'Solution' for when you're not really into reading up about places when traveling. Travel Weekly tells readers to, "use HearPlanet as your audio guide during your next trip and feel like you have your own personal tour guide." "HearPlanet partners with publishers, organisations and everyone else with something to say about places, to bring the user a highly comprehensive audio guide to the world around them. Users can create their own tours and store offline collections to avoid data charges, and the app also features geo-location for instant information on what's nearby."

HearPlanet Featured on Dr. Future Radio Show: HearPlanet – A new direction for audio infotainment
Hosts: Dr. and Mrs Future (Allan & Sun Lundell). Aired March 12th, 2013 [Blog Post] [Audio Stream (advance to 55:00)]

"Many pundits have wondered about the direction radio will take, as the internet takes over AM/FM, and audio becomes more dynamic and interactive. Most of you have heard of music on demand services, like Pandora, or internet radio, like TuneIn. But have you heard of HearPlanet? Particulary useful while traveling, HearPlanet lets you hear about what’s happening around you, be it national monuments, small towns, or roadside attractions. Several car media companies are looking at in dashboard incorporation of HearPlanet, describing it as a ‘professional tour guide’ at your fingertips."

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