Avanti Life: Great Holiday Apps to download right now
Posted: August 15th, 2014 [Full Article]
Sophia Laurie with Avanti Life says, "With HearPlanet, you will never need to pay for a guided tour again; it serves as your very own mobile guide – wherever you are in the world. Using the internet, HearPlanet tracks your location and then collates guides for landmarks and points of interest within your vicinity; all you have to do is click on the guide, plug in your earphones and begin your cultural education."

New York Times Features HearPlanet in “From Their Mouth to Your Ears”
The New York Times, April 19th, 2013 - By Stephanie Rosenbloom [Full Article]

HearPlanet is featured in The New York Times piece, From Their Mouth to Your Ears. In it, the Times writes, "[HearPlanet] is not a traditional audio walking tour. Rather, it uses your phone’s GPS system to identify nearby landmarks; then the app tells you all about them — just as a flesh-and-blood guide would."

HearPlanet in The Educated Traveler’s “Handy Travel Apps”
The Educated Traveler Blog, Posted April 17, 2013 - By Julia. [Full Post]

HearPlanet is called out as one of ten "WorldStrides International Discovery staffer-approved travel apps." What do they say about HearPlanet? "Use this pocket audio guide to learn about the buildings, parks, and attractions as you pass by. The app uses GPS to track where you are and give you on-the-spot information. No more hefty guide books!"

Travel Weekly Features HearPlanet in “An App-etite for Travel”
Travel Weekly, March 15th, 2013 - By Caroline Adam [Full Article]

In "An App-etite for Travel" Travel Weekly describes HearPlanet as the 'Solution' for when you're not really into reading up about places when traveling. Travel Weekly tells readers to, "use HearPlanet as your audio guide during your next trip and feel like you have your own personal tour guide." "HearPlanet partners with publishers, organisations and everyone else with something to say about places, to bring the user a highly comprehensive audio guide to the world around them. Users can create their own tours and store offline collections to avoid data charges, and the app also features geo-location for instant information on what's nearby."

HearPlanet Featured on Dr. Future Radio Show: HearPlanet – A new direction for audio infotainment
Hosts: Dr. and Mrs Future (Allan & Sun Lundell). Aired March 12th, 2013 [Blog Post] [Audio Stream (advance to 55:00)]

"Many pundits have wondered about the direction radio will take, as the internet takes over AM/FM, and audio becomes more dynamic and interactive. Most of you have heard of music on demand services, like Pandora, or internet radio, like TuneIn. But have you heard of HearPlanet? Particulary useful while traveling, HearPlanet lets you hear about what’s happening around you, be it national monuments, small towns, or roadside attractions. Several car media companies are looking at in dashboard incorporation of HearPlanet, describing it as a ‘professional tour guide’ at your fingertips."

HearPlanet Included in: News from Launch: Silicon Valley alumni
LaunchSV logo  
News from Launch: Silicon Valley alumni - March 1st, 2013 [see post]

"Steve Echtman, Founder of HearPlanet: "Traction is picking up and we're experiencing a lot of momentum with our automotive initiatives. We unveiled our first auto industry partnerships and demoed in-dash versions of HearPlanet at CES..."

Swiss Air in-flight magazine touts HearPlanet in “Must-haves for your trip”
By Joana Siegenthaler & Vanessa Schaub – February Edition

"Listen & learn: Constantly at your side, almost like a professional tour guide: with HearPlanet, the world’s biggest audio guide, you can create your own travel programme for several thousand destinations, tailored to your own specifications..."

Tnooz places HearPlanet at top of the stack in CES roundup
By Nick Vivion - January 15th, 2013 [Full Article]

In his Tnooz post, "Yes, us too! The inevitable travel tech roundup from CES", Nick writes:
"HearPlanet debuts in-car infotainment integration: HearPlanet offers audio guides of destinations and 300k points-of-interest around the world, and has announced a new potentially-watershed integration: HearPlanet audio in cars. Imagine being able to rent a car and then put on an audio tour of the city tied into the GPS. Business owners can then pitch their establishments via audio, providing background and a different perspective on choosing a business to patronize while traveling.
By packaging their product with the trends towards in-car WiFi and phones, it becomes a fantastically intelligent integration – touch-to-call reservations would be seamless, the need to divert focus from the road would be diminished and rental companies have a value-add product to sell.
Current announcements include partnerships with Aha, a unit of Harman International; Pioneer Electronics and QNX, an industry-leading supplier of infotainment systems to Tier 1s and OEMs."

HearPlanet Announces Automotive Partnerships Bringing Service to Drivers via In-Dash Apps
Harman aha-logoQNXCorpLogotype303RGB
376510814PioneerLogo_mediumIn-Dash Screenshot
Published January 11, 2013 [See Press Release]

HearPlanet today announced strategic partnerships with Aha, a unit of Harman International; Pioneer Electronics and QNX, an industry-leading supplier of infotainment systems to Tier 1s and OEMs, poised to bring over 300,000 audio points-of-interest to drivers' in-dash systems.

Harman/Aha Announces Partnership to Provide HearPlanet Service to Drivers
Harman aha-logo
January 7, 2013 - at CES [See Press Release]

The Harman/Aha CES announcement let people know they'll soon "Receive audio descriptions of nearby attractions with HearPlanet, an audio guide that covers the entire world." The release goes on to state that "By the end of 2013, Aha will be installed into vehicles by more than 10 auto manufacturers which in total represent more than 50 percent of all cars sold in the USA/Canada and up to 30 percent in Europe."


By Stuart Houghton, Published December 30, 2012 [See Article]

Stuart writes, "Even if you don't plan to phone home while away on vacation, a few well-chosen apps can serve as concierge, tour guide, translator and lifeline when you need them the most. As a tech writer and (theoretically, at least) an expert on mobile apps, I’m always on the lookout for unusual new ones that think outside the box. My recent search for new travel apps that are helpful, fun and simple to use unearthed the following 10. They should erase any doubt or guilt you might have about buying an overseas data bundle."

At #7, Stuart writes for Hearplanet, "What's more necessary for travel than a good guidebook? How about a guide that you don't have to carry around with you, or even read for that mater. Hearplanet grabs your location via GPS, then uses Google maps to associate useful snippets of audio description with the surrounding area. You get interesting facts about landmarks, historical sites and even public transport links in locations from San Francisco to Sevagram in India.

The app for Apple products or Androids uses audio content from Wikipedia and user submissions, with some clips provided by tourism companies. Even if you don't want to use it as a walking tour guide, Hearplanet can give you a feel for a place before you set foot outside your hotel room."

HearPlanet #5 on Topyaps: Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Travelers
By inferisx - December 27th, 2012 [Full Article]

At #5, Topyaps writes about HearPlanet: "With over half a million voice files, it is akin to having a professional tour guide in the pocket no matter where one might be at." "It is the quintessential mobile world browser and audio guide available at a cheap price."

HearPlanet one of The Nomad Scroll’s “Best Travel Apps!”
By K. Nycole Lee - December 23, 2012 [Full Article]

Ms. Lee writes, "With my upcoming trip to the Bahamas, I have a couple of apps that I use when planning a trip, and others for when I have reached my destination. Here are a few that I use! Exploring: HearPlanet (Amazing!! Carry your own travel guide in your pocket. Enjoy prerecorded explanations of landmarks and exhibits.)"

Eye & Pen: HearPlanet in “5 must have apps for travelers”

By Brandon Elijah Scott - December 18, 2012 [See Full Article]

At number three, Brandon writes:
"HearPlanet: Audio Guide to the World –
HearPlanet provides a virtual reality audio layer across the entire globe, giving you all the Points-of-View on all the Points-of-Interest. Driving, touring, or just taking a break, find out about all the places around – without stopping to read."    


By Kelly Schwarze - December 13th, 2012 [See Full Article]

GeekSugar calls HearPlanet one of the "apps your phone must include for this traveling season." Stating specifically, "HearPlanet — Take the time to discover the cultural side of your holiday destination. This interactive app highlights attractions in over 300,000 locations and uses geolocation features so that you don't miss any of the nearby fun, plus it's a great excuse to get out of the house and move around in fresh air."

HearPlanet #4 of Geek Treks’ “Top 10 Geek Travel Apps”
Published December 2012 [Full Article]

Geek Treks says:
"Apps are not going anywhere and as more get added to the deluge out there, travel is one area that has seen an influx of helpful tools on the go. Here are our Top 10:
#4. HearPlanet – This is akin to having a knowledgeable local in your pocket at all times. The app turns your iPhone into an audio tour guide. Learn about your surroundings just about anywhere — the app includes some 300,000 locations around the globe."

Top Apps For Travel – Verizon Cellular
Verizon Sales Blog
By Jay Witherspoon, published Oct. 22, 2012 [Full Article]

"HearPlanet is like having a tour guide in your pocket. This app offers guided audio tours that can provide facts and history of nearby landmarks. If you want to learn about the Golden Gate Bridge while you walk across it, just open the HearPlanet app and throw your headphones in to get an audio-guided tour. This app can also send you push notifications to alert you when you are near a spot of interest. For those who like to take a more laid-back approach to travel, this can allow them to wander the city and have the app inform them of nearby points of interest. For those keeping an eye on how much data they use, this app allows you to download any audio tours you might want while connected to WiFi and listen to them later."

6 Best Apps to Use for Labor Day Travel – AT&T

By AT&T, published by, August 29, 2012 [Full Article]

"HearPlanet (#5): The world’s largest audio guide, HearPlanet is like having a professional tour guide with you wherever you go. Whether on a road trip, touring a city or taking a break, find out about the places around you through this travel guide that requires no reading!" (*The best apps to help plan a memorable end-of-summer getaway is provided by AT&T.)

PandoDaily: HearPlanet: Your Personalized Tour Guide to the Sound of the City
HearPlanet: Your Personalized Tour Guide to the Sound of the City
By Andrew James - Friday, August 17th, 2012 [Full Article]
Select Quotes:
"The audio tour segment is an interesting place, which Siri seems to have revived interest in over the past year. (Seems for a while there we forgot about our ears.)"
"Echtman [HearPlanet's founder] is working on a platform where everyone can contribute their own audio content. He currently has several partners signed on, as well as 300,000 points of interest serving up over half a million recordings for listeners to tour around a city, museums, or pretty much any area that you could look up on Wikipedia."
"Their content already covers pretty much everywhere, or the program reads content from Wikipedia to users in a pretty nice automated voice (if it hasn’t been read by one of their voice actors)."
"HearPlanet has [...] announced that soon they’ll be wrenching the tour guide right into several automotive offerings. This means that, while driving around, you’ll be able to set up and go on a tour tailored to your geolocation and desired topics."

HearPlanet: Business Insider’s – 9 Hot Tips For Frugal (But Fabulous) Summer Dating

HearPlanet is one of Business Insider's "9 Hot Tips For Frugal (But Fabulous) Summer Dating."

By Andrea Woroch June 24th, 2012 (Full Article)

Hot Tip #7: Take a Walking Tour
"Take your date on a walking tour of your own town or a nearby city and let your smartphone lead you. The HearPlanet app provides details about all the places around you and alerts you to must-see attractions. The audio guide makes touring easy and intimate for you and your date."

HearPlanet: Money Magazine’s 7 best travel apps

As reported by Beth Braverman and Ismat Mangla, June 15th, 2012 (Full Article)

Money Magazine says, HearPlanet is "Great for: Replacing Guidebooks." and "Forget buying (and lugging) multiple guidebooks. With these audio guides, you can learn about the Eiffel Tower while standing beside it or get the low-down on Rockefeller Center while gazing at the Christmas tree. HearPlanet alerts you to nearby attractions, or search anywhere in the world."

HearPlanet: One of’s “Pocket-size pleasures”

By Afsha Khan, 05/23/2012 (Full Article)

"HearPlanet gives you all-access to more than half a million audio files, filled with destination 101s on your smartphone. Simply switch it on and it’ll fill your ears up on all the exciting places to visit in the vicinity."

Nerd Wallet Interviews Steven Echtman, Founder of HearPlanet

By Laura Edgar: May 9, 2012

Intro: "Imagine having your very own tour guide that works on your schedule, no matter where you are. HearPlanet, an audio tour app for iPhone and Android (with mobile web and additional platform support on the way), gives you a pretty close approximation. Its massive audio guide database is impressive enough on its own, but its geolocation features make it easy to find landmarks of interest, hotels and restaurants near you on a map. You can also upload your own audio and other information about places. NerdWallet recently named HearPlanet a top travel app, but we wanted to learn more about how this awesome app came into being. Steven Echtman, HearPlanet’s founder, took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us about the inspiration for the app, and his company’s plans for the future."

Go here For the whole story: An Interview with Steven Echtman, Founder of HearPlanet

HearPlanet: AppTech – iPhone Apps for Travellers

HearPlanet featured in AppTech's "iPhone Apps Review for Travellers."

By Fahad Uddin April 23rd, 2012 (Full Article)

"Tourist guides can sometimes be so annoying with their constant talking so you can really just take in the view and enjoy the moment because some tourist guide will hurry you up to keep with the schedule. Best solution? get a HearPlanet apps on your iPhone, iPod or IPads. this travel apps guides you through the many interesting tourist destination of where you are."

HearPlanet makes NerdWallet’s Top 10 Travel Apps

By Stephen Vanderpool - 4/23/12

"HearPlanet is by far one the most innovative and exciting travel apps currently available. HearPlanet aims to build a comprehensive database of audio guides to cover the globe, corner to corner. Whatever your destination, you can learn about the environs without your head buried in a book or eyes glued to a screen. Anyone can contribute a voice, allowing for a blend of informed local perspectives and instruction from seasoned travel professionals. It’s like traveling with Rick Steves, Eugene Fodor and Arthur Frommer all at once—except you can mute them if they turn out to be insufferable know-it-alls."

HearPlanet Supports GoOverseas’ Big Apple Giveaway
Big Apple Giveaway

HearPlanet is proud to support GoOverseas' Big Apple Giveaway for their "Spring Leave-a-Review Contest." Click the link to learn more.

About was started with the simple idea of creating a centralized website to provide the resources required for meaningful travel abroad. That idea has grown and expanded into a community driven website of like minded people who are all passionate about teaching, studying and volunteering abroad. features a popular 'Help Me Find a Program' forum where users regularly discuss a wide range of travel topics, and a blog community where we have brought together a wealth of overseas travel experiences. We also regularly post insightful articles to help expand the community's knowledge about opportunities to travel abroad. Please join us in our mission to build a great online community for any and all people interested in meaningful travel abroad!

REI Features HearPlanet in: Top 10 Travel Apps for the iPhone and Android

The premier outdoors and sporting goods company, REI, listed as one of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" by FORTUNE magazine every year since 1998, names HearPlanet one of the "Top 10 Travel Apps for the iPhone and Android."

Don't just take it from us, here's what REI Adventures has to say (by Liz Bee 3-13-2012):  "HearPlanet. A talking guidebook. Plug in your earbuds and listen to audio guides for hundreds of thousands of attractions and locations worldwide. Find what's nearest to you, or search a specific spot in the world. It's a great way to learn about a new location and interesting sights to explore while you're visiting."

Marvell Launches Preview of Kinoma Play for Android [includes HearPlanet]

From PR Newswire:

Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), today announced the immediate availability of Kinoma Play® for Android-powered phones. The preview release of Kinoma Play includes a suite of apps enabling digital media, social networking, location, and search.

What makes Kinoma Play special is how it combines information and features from across Kinoma apps into five dashboards to simplify and speed everyday tasks. One of these dashboards is 'Places':
"Places is an in-depth guide to what's nearby, combining information from foursquare, Yelp, YouTube, Wikipedia, and HearPlanet, the world's largest audio guide."

Travel Smarter 2012: Travel apps help you explore like a local

By Libby Zay [3/10/12]

"those looking to learn more about particular topics can try HearPlanet, an app for landmarks and attractions that speaks to you like an audio tour. Just don't forget your headphones, or you'll definitely stick out as someone from out of town."

CTV: Apps for fool-proof March Break travel

"HearPlanet Destination and Location Guides:
If you're heading to a busy urban centre rather than a beach for March Break, make HearPlanet your own personal tour guide. Even if you've researched your destination thoroughly, HearPlanet offers details on local tourist attractions in thousands of cities.
Updated daily, this app treats the world like a self-guided museum tour, giving travellers the scoop on landmarks, historic sites and more."

HearPlanet in the New York Times (again)

Spare Time, Strange City - By Julie Weed, 2/14/2012

"For those who like guided tours, the app HearPlanet, for iPhones and Android phones, provides audio files describing local sights, like the Empire State Building, that travelers can listen to as they gaze, walk or ride past in a taxi."

HearPlanet Featured in December’s Cigar Aficionado
Cigar Aficionado features HearPlanet in a full-page editorial in their Holiday issue:
“More than half a million voice files are available and they cover hundreds of thousands of destinations worldwide."
"You can let HearPlanet figure out where you are via GPS and recommend audio about local attractions or search for information about locations on your upcoming itinerary. Either way, you have a hands-free guide feeding you information that augments your travel experience."

Geeksugar: 6 Websites and Apps For Painless Holiday Travels

This month HearPlanet was named by Geeksugar as one of 6 Websites and Apps For Painless Holiday Travels Kelly Schwarze writes, "HearPlanet — Take the time to discover the cultural side of your holiday destination. This interactive app highlights attractions in over 300,000 locations and uses geolocation features so that you don't miss any of the nearby fun, plus it's a great excuse to get out of the house and move around in fresh air."

HearPlanet featured in WavePlay’s “What’s Hot Now”

WavePlay, selected HearPlanet as the subject of their October 2011 "What's Hot Now" featured company. Peter Seidel and Lyne Noella created a fantastic video and profile page that profiles the company and highlights some exciting new product features. WavePlay writes, "Steve Echtman, Founder and CEO of HearPlanet, provides an exciting and informative approach to securing audio information about thousands of locations worldwide."

British Airways Names HearPlanet Best App for Sightseeing

British Airways' in-flight magazine, High Life, features HearPlanet in its September edition, and crowns HearPlanet the "Best [app] for Sightseeing."

MacTech Magazine and TUAW interview HearPlanet CEO at WWDC

Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) interviews Steven Echtman of HearPlanet at WWDC.

Watch Video.

Mac|Life Features HearPlanet in “How To Plan and Enhance Your Vacation with the iPhone”
MacLife "Whether on vacation or taking an hour between business meetings, managing your time to know where to go in a new town, what to see, when it’s open, and how far it is from your current location can streamline any visit. This app provides a full audio guide for a huge range of locations around the globe. Using the GPS, it can tell you what attractions are nearby, and then tells you core details about that location. That can mean a lot less reading. The maps let you find interesting locations nearby, and then hear details on their background and significance. You can also search for specific locations if you happen to know what you’re looking for. At $4.99 the app covers a lot of locations, and can provide pre-travel information if you simply search by your destination city, so that you can sound smarter when you get there if traveling with friends or a spouse."

HearPlanet in The New Atlantis Piece: GPS and the End of the Road
New Atlantis
By Ari N. Schulman - Spring 2011 [Read the Full Article]

Ari, a senior editor of The New Atlantis, wrote a thought provoking essay that considers place and placelessness in modern American life, and, as The New Atlantis puts it, "explains how GPS and location-awareness technologies are transforming travel and the way we experience the world around us."

Ari writes in his piece: "GPS technology now not only shows users how to get where they are going, but increasingly can suggest where they should go in the first place. These are popularly known as “location-awareness” technologies. For example, Yelp, used by tens of millions of people, provides general information and user-generated reviews for restaurants, businesses, parks, and destinations of all sorts. It has an application for GPS-enabled smartphones that can tell you the best places nearby to eat, shop, sightsee, and so forth. Lonely Planet and other tour-book publishers have released apps along the same lines.
Similar software exists for sightseeing, allowing smartphone users to learn about the sites they are visiting as well as nearby attractions. The app HearPlanet reads audio recordings of Wikipedia entries for places as you approach them, and boasts that it “is like having a professional tour guide always by your side — no matter where you are.” The GeoTour app advertises, “Imagine visiting a new city. Your iPhone knows where you are, it’s guiding you to the town’s hot spots, and it’s automatically entertaining you with multimedia relevant to your surroundings.” Similar purpose-built devices are now increasingly being used at national parks, historical sites, and other points of interest. The devices, like the smartphone apps, are used as automated tour guides: walk a trail at a park, come to a landmark, and the device, able to sense your location, will play an audio recording or display on-screen information telling you exactly why you should find the site interesting."

HearPlanet: Top 5 Travel App on UK’s the Gadget Show
the Gadget Show HearPlanet servers almost ground to a halt when the UK's Channel 5 featured HearPlanet as one its Top Five Travel Apps on its popular Gadget Show.  A huge number of users downloaded and launched their HearPlanet applications during the show and some began to experienced latency while HearPlanet servers scaled to accomodate the new load.

The Gadget Show says, "HearPlanet is like having a tour guide with you 24-7. Simply search for a landmark around you. HearPlanet will then locate it from its massive database of sights and locations and find an audio guide to help you learn more about it."

See the episode:
The Gadget Show's HearPlanet page:

HearPlanet CEO interviewed for The Home Based Tavel Agent Show
This episode, devoted to our interview, looks at how travel professionals can use HearPlanet to promote themselves as destination experts.

The Home Based Travel Agent Show's blog says HearPlanet is "...a sophisticated app for your iPhone or Android powered smart phone. Geolocation along with powerful search features will lead you on a discovery of what’s around you, or what’s interesting at a destination your traveling to."

The benefit for the travel professional is that they can add locations they're familiar with and become the destination expert on HearPlanet.  Users of the applications can contact contributors directly from the app to book services, using the phone, email, the web and more.

HearPlanet #2 in’s 10 Really Useful Travel Apps for the iPhone names HearPlanet #2 in their piece: 10 Really Useful Travel Apps for the iPhone

In the piece by Jenny Kellett, HotelsFairy says,
"HearPlanet is certainly up there as one of the most useful travel apps around. Wherever you are in the world, HearPlanet will act as a travel guide in your pocket – telling you what attractions are nearby. It even plays you the Wikipedia description of each one out loud."

HearPlanet Partners with City of San Francisco on Mobile App
HearPlanet has partnered with the City of San Francisco to provide the official mobile application for the City’s "Shop SF – Get More" program. This program is being promoted heavily in the media, with placements throughout the region’s BART and MUNI trains, busses and stations.  Look for the Shop SF application in Apple’s iTunes App Store mid-November.

The Shop SF application is aimed at the over 15 million visitors who come to San Francisco each year, and who spend $7.8 billion on local businesses. HearPlanet appreciates Mayor Newsome and the City’s Economic Development Team for promoting cutting edge technology and partnering with HearPlanet in the development of the Shop SF mobile application.

Merchants can register at to participate in the program and be included in HearPlanet’s official Shop SF mobile application (launching November 15th). Shop SF Merchants are automatically featured in HearPlanet’s family of mobile applications, which can be found on most mobile smart-phone platforms.

HearPlanet Partners With appbackr
HearPlanet has partnered with appbackr, so you (and the public) can make money while supporting HearPlanet.  appbackr is the new digital wholesale marketplace for iPhone applications. People buy applications at wholesale rates and profit when apps sell in Apple's App Store. HearPlanet is pre-selling an allocated number of apps to buyers on appbackr. appbackr delivers these funds in advance of App Store sales and promotes HearPlanet to the general public using social media tools. Wholesale buyers can also help promote the product and increase retail sales. Now you can make money while supporting HearPlanet's future development and success. Click here to get started: appbackr
Information Today (October 2010)
IT Spotlight: HearPlanet Set to Guide Itself to a Solid Future (link)
Marji McClure reports on a company that gives travelers the information they need to know on-the-go.

HearPlanet: Official US Representative for World Summit Awards
HearPlanet is selected as the official United States entry for World Summit Awards(website)

HearPlanet is proud to have been selected as the official United States entry to the prestigious World Summit Awards for Mobile Tourism & Culture for 2010 and 2011.

HearPlanet is Ebbies Award Finalist
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Press Release

HearPlanet is a 2010 Ebbies Award Finalist for Innovation Through Technology. There are three finalists for this year's award, with HearPlanet receiving this honor along with Zynga and Practice Fusion.

The Globe and Mail
Travel apps point the way - Tools recommended by road warriors
by Deirdre Kelly (full article)

"HearPlanet ... will even tell you about the cool things surrounding you anywhere in the world."

Cristin Fraser, publicist for True North Records and Linus Entertainment in Burlington, Ont., wonders whether HearPlanet might soon render the tour guide obsolete.

“I used it on a trip to Nashville, and it was really easy to use,” Ms. Fraser says. “It gave a lot of background on the city and a few of the places of interest we ended up seeing, like the Ryman Auditorium.”

“They downloaded really quickly. I’d say it’s worth using.”

InStyle Magazine (June 2010 issue)

InStyle Magazine (June 2010 issue) says, “HearPlanet: Your personal tour guide provides commentary on more than 300,000 landmarks worldwide, like the Lincoln Memorial or Coney Island.”

IPhone apps for the traveler
[ full article ]

As written in the Way To Go Guide section of the Sunday, May 16, 2010 Washington Post:
"Using the iPhone's GPS, it locates nearby sights and reads the articles out loud, turning your phone into a talking tour guide."

With my iPhone alone, I’m apped to travel
by Ross Arbes [ full article ]

"The iPhone also functioned as an interactive tour guide. One evening, after enjoying a sunset view of the city from the top of nearby Mount Washington, I rode the Monongahela funicular down to the bottom. Curious about the funicular's history, I opened up HearPlanet..." "I learned that the funicular is the oldest continuously operating one in the United States, originally built by German immigrants who modeled it after ones in their homeland."